Friday, December 12, 2014

Lake Powell This Year

Jaden Wakeboarding
Diana Skiing

Skay Kneeboarding

Katelyn Kneeboarding
Shay Wakeboarding

Diana Skiing
They even got a picture of me

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family Pictures 2013

Woops this was at the pond up at my parents cabin and was suppose to be in the other post....

The Last Years Vacations

In the last year we were lucky enough to go on a cruise, to Lake Powell, and Flaming George where we wer able to catch some fish this year.

Then we went to Moab where Jaden was able to make, it all the way around on Slickrock I was pretty amazed that he made it.

The Last Year or So

Sorry, I haven't posted many pictures in the last year so some of these are older photos.
 This was Jaden's first start to his wild hair.  Little did we realize that he couldn't have blue hair at school until
we got a call from the school and yes it was a permanent dye so we had to try and color it out.

Then we went up to Dave's ranch to watch them brand the cattle, it was a neat experience.

I thought these were some really neat pictures of Shay.  This was at Jessica's wedding and her mother in law let the kids open a little present and these were inside.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2012 More Recent Photos

 This was the girls proud gingerbread house.  However it did not stay standing for long.

Old Photos 2012-2

 The kids are getting good at water skiing.  Were still working with Katelyn on her form.